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Welcome to Arabian Nights - Belly Dancer, your source for belly dance classes and belly dancing shows in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.


Salomeh Azar in green costume

Salomeh Azar, popular South Florida master performer & instructor, teaches belly dance classes

for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  She can also be hired to perform for your next special occasion or event.




                          Belly dancers with silk veils                                                                                                                                        

Experience the mystery of the ancient Middle East........................Belly dancers with silk veils swirling......brass finger cymbals pounding out a pulsating Arabic or Egyptian belly dancing beat......costumes adorned with beads & rhythms of Mideastern belly dancers past and present stirring the emotions....all as timeless and ageless as the warm winds blowing across the Sahara, sultry Arabian nights, moonlight on the Nile River, belly dancers swaying their hips in the harem, the pyramids of Egypt and the sweet fragrance of night-blooming jasmine in the air.... 






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